TildeTech Word Games

TildeTech is not currently planning to migrate our software to any new platforms.  Since no new Windows Mobile devices will be sold, TildeTech has ceased development and support for all Windows Mobile devices, effective December 31, 2011.

If you have purchased our products for Windows Mobile PDAs and smartphones, we hope you have enjoyed our products.


TildeTech has been producing entertainment software for Windows Mobile devices and Windows PCs, since 2001.

TildeTech has developed five word games, plus a Free Dictionary tool:

  • Bobble - players construct words from randomly selected letters arranged into a Boggle-like grid.

  • Bobbage - players try to construct words in a crossword-style grid.

  • Bobzee - a Yachtzee-like word game where players roll letter dice and construct letter combinations (words, consonants or vowels), either solo or with up to four players.

  • Hangman - a FREE game where players guess words.

  • Scramble - unscramble words, against the clock.

  • FreeDict - a FREE dictionary utility based on Princeton's WordNet dictionary, providing definitions for most common English words.


All six applications run on both Windows Mobile devices and Windows PCs.  Click here for a list of the supported platforms.

The Hangman and FreeDict applications are free.

Bobbage, Bobble, Bobzee and Scramble can be purchased individually or in the TildeTech Word Games Suite.

For more information on these products, click here.

If you are having problems installing your TildeTech products - click here.